We are a team of small businesses committed to each
other and to the constant pursuit of better.

Our Team

Our team includes political science and finance wonks, full stack engineers, and operational experts.  We have former college athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and Crossfit cultists. Some are hunters, some are surfers, and some just like hanging out with their family on the weekends.

Some have twenty years of experience, some have 2 months. Some went to the fanciest schools around and worked on Wall Street, some learned on the job and built up deep industry expertise.

Regardless of interests or background, our team is committed to each other and to our companies. We share a deep passion for small businesses of all types and are united by the belief that our best will always lie ahead of us.

What We Believe In

Chasing Better

We believe unequivocally in our own potential. We maintain the discipline to do the little things necessary to achieve it. We cultivate the grit required to stay the course when things don’t go our way. We maintain a sense of urgency. We choose to chase better because we want to run, not walk, toward success.

Keeping Score

We believe in the power of competition and acknowledge that the scoreboard doesn’t lie. We believe data is more valuable than anecdote or opinion, but we also recognize that results are snapshots and not final judgments.

Playing the Long Game

We don’t make investments, we make commitments. We think in decades, not years. We believe in the power of compounding and know that small, incremental improvements – done every day – will create lasting success. We believe that, in the long run, relationships matter, and we know that we can’t effectively take care of our companies if we don’t first take care of ourselves and our families.

Putting the Team First

We believe the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We are prepared to do whatever is needed to help the team win. When we lose, we accept responsibility. When we win, we share credit. By working for Chenmark, we commit to holding ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, especially when no one is watching.

Behind the Chenmark Name

Chenmark is a fictional family word meaning “question mark.” Over time, it has grown to signify taking the plunge into the unknown.

We named our firm accordingly to remind us always to face uncertainty head on, to challenge the status quo in search of excellence and to actively push the boundaries of our comfort zone in all aspects of our lives.