Rob & Gaia Mueller

As serial small business owners, Rob & Gaia knew the importance of planning for tomorrow. After years of owning and operating Benjamin Moore stores in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, the two of them sat down with a local advisor to plan for a future filled with fewer early mornings and more time spent hiking with their beloved dog, Coco.



Matias Reyna

Although he is currently the CEO of Freedom Tree Farms, a commercial wholesale nursery in Pelham, Tennessee, Matias comes from an investing and finance background. His finance background gave him excellent analytical skills, but he craved the day-to-day creative problem solving that comes with being a small business operator. After completing a finance internship during his MBA, he knew he was destined for something different. Then he found Chenmark’s GVP Program.



Bruce Glaicar

Bruce has been involved in the bakery business since high school, starting out in the warehouse of a bakery supply company then moving into sales where he stayed for nearly 15 years. It was during that time that OK Frozen Dough started up and it wasn’t long before Bruce was out selling the first cases of their bread. He’s been part of the company – directly and indirectly – for 25 years.



Dwayne Luquetta

After joining Chenmark’s GVP Program, Dwayne quickly learned that running a small business is not always glamorous, but it can be quite rewarding. “There’s a lot of fulfillment to watch people you work with get pushed to grow and then realize their growth and growth of the company as well.“ Dwayne is currently the CEO of Benjamin Moore Kelowna a Chenmark operating company in Kelowna, British Columbia.



Booth Hemingway

It all started with an old red barn, a lawn mower and a pickup truck. That was how Booth Hemingway founded Piscataqua Landscaping in 1979 after graduating from the University of New Hampshire with degrees in Horticulture and Spanish.



Dave Schwetz

Dave is the Director of Technology and Innovation at Chenmark, a position that addresses the various technical challenges encountered daily by the team of Chenmark businesses. He holds a computer science degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point, which serves as a unique complement to his master’s degree in operations research from Columbia University.