Bruce has been involved in the bakery business since high school. He started out in the warehouse of a bakery supply company, and then moved into sales where he stayed for 19 years. It was during that time that OK Frozen Dough started up, and it wasn’t long before Bruce was out selling the first cases of their bread. He’s been part of the company – directly and indirectly – for almost 30 years.

Now serving as CEO, Bruce’s role varies greatly, depending on the requirements. He gets involved in the day to day operations whenever needed and is tactically involved in all departments at the administrative level where decisions or expertise are required. “My main focus though,” says Bruce, “is to ensure that everything is in place to keep the company vision moving forward.”

Through the sale of OK Frozen Dough and a transition in ownership, Bruce got to know the Chenmark team. “We wanted to make sure there was no disruption to staff or production,” says Bruce. “For the previous owners, being able to preserve their legacy was a big priority for them.” To help achieve that, and as part of the transition, the most logical step was to keep the team intact so they could carry on and continue running the company as before. Bruce remembers having a lot of questions about the new owners.

“Our new partnership was a big unknown for me, but what really impressed me the most about them was their willingness to listen to how the company had been running and to understand what was making OK Frozen Dough so successful.”

It’s been incredibly rewarding for Bruce. While he’s been part of the company for many years, it’s his new role that has empowered him to define a vision for OK Frozen Dough and bring that vision to life. “I see the company becoming stronger to allow for long term growth. Along with that growth comes better opportunities for staff as well.

“For any owner who’s looking to sell but wants to keep their dream alive while ensuring the well-being of their staff, talk to Chenmark.”

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