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Sick Kids

We typically have very full days. Our calendars are scheduled—often weeks in advance—and we have specific things we want to accomplish on a daily and weekly basis. We try to get as much rest as possible over the weekend and evenings to ensure we approach each day with the drive and energy needed to accomplish our longer term goals.

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A Tale of Two Shoe Salesmen

This story resonates as our business grows and stretches us in new and unexpected ways.  We have a choice in how we respond when confronted with challenges or the unknown.  How powerful would it be if we collectively made a commitment to consider "what if?" instead of focusing on "why not?".

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Our Work Is Serious

Chenmark is in the business of acquiring and operating small businesses. On the deal side, we spend our days looking at new acquisition opportunities, putting together deal models, negotiating purchase prices, securing debt financing, and reviewing legal documents. On the operational side, we spend our days hiring (and sometimes firing) talent, nurturing sales relationships, implementing new tech systems, collecting cash and paying invoices, evaluating equipment purchases, and developing marketing programs (among other things).

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The Most Important Word

As parents of young children, we find ourselves reminding our children on almost a daily basis that the most powerful word in the English language is “yet”. I can’t play soccer. Yet. I can’t do math. Yet. I can’t read. Yet. I don’t have any friends. Yet. I don't have enough princess dresses. Good news. You can grow up, get a job and buy some for yourself.

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1% Better

Every year, we work through budgeting at a number of companies. While occasionally we are able to forecast significant positive improvement in a single line item, more often than not, our challenge is to push for progress in areas where operations already seem to be functioning pretty well.

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Missionaries vs. Mercenaries v2

This past week, one of our companies had a key operational person quit with little notice in the heat of the busy season. In small business, these types of things happen and can have a tangible impact on the company and cause a management fire drill.

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