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Half Excited, Half Scared

The past few weeks have marked a return to school—elementary, middle, high school, and beyond. For some, this is welcome news. For others, particularly those entering a new grade or starting at an entirely new school, the change of scenery can be daunting. Our daughter described the impending start of kindergarten as “half exciting, half scary.” We’ve all been there, kiddo.

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Grounding Habits

This week, Charlies Watts, the Rolling Stones drummer, passed away at the age of 80. A member of the band since 1963, Watts was an icon in the music community, and perennially tops lists of the greatest rock drummers of all time.

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Travel Adventures

One of the Chenmark companies is located in Western Canada, and since the US/Canada border recently opened to non-essential travel, we took the opportunity to travel North to visit the team. It's been a while, but our normal routine is to drive down to Boston, fly from Boston to Toronto, and then to Kelowna (interior of British Columbia).

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Funding Gold

Throughout the 2016 Rio Olympics, we, like others, have enjoyed reading many of the news articles covering the winners, losers, inspiring stories, and cautionary tales behind this iconic global event. In particular, there has been significant commentary on the final medal rankings, where the United States dominated results, winning 46 gold medals and 121 total medals (0.38 medals per million population)...

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Sharpen the Axe

As our long-time readers know, beyond our passion for acquiring and operating small businesses, some of our defining characteristics are that a) we live in Maine and b) we are into Crossfit. Last week was not only the middle of the Tokyo Olympics, it was also the week of the Crossfit Games, so we wanted to take a moment to highlight a Crossfit-related story.

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Sick Kids

We typically have very full days. Our calendars are scheduled—often weeks in advance—and we have specific things we want to accomplish on a daily and weekly basis. We try to get as much rest as possible over the weekend and evenings to ensure we approach each day with the drive and energy needed to accomplish our longer term goals.

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