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Cats Meow, Dogs Bark

One of the largest challenges we face in building our team of small businesses is talent acquisition.  Finding high integrity, effective people to lead our businesses is a tricky endeavor.  We need people who can think long-term while maintaining a daily sense of urgency; push the big picture but understand the devil is in the details; delegate when necessary but jump into the weeds to get things done; revel in being small but think big.

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Purposeful Stupidity

This week we stumbled upon a few articles which highlighted the potential benefits of stupidity. While most people (ourselves included) intuitively grasp the concept that understanding and effectiveness in any field are strongly correlated with the amount of knowledge one is able to acquire on the topic, there are exceptions to this rule, particularly when considering innovative and creative processes. 

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Steel Strong

This week, we read a fascinating article in Glamour magazine about Danielle Steel’s incredible work ethic.  It is possible you are asking yourself, who’s Danielle Steel?  Let us enlighten you. Danielle Steel is the world’s best-selling living author.  She is the fourth bestselling fiction author of all time, following William Shakespeare, Agatha Christie, and Barbara Cartland. 

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Rowing vs. Steering

At Chenmark, we’re often torn between a desire to hop into the weeds of a portfolio company to help solve problems and the recognition that to be most effective, we should eventually adopt more of an arms-length advisory role. We talk about this internally as the distinction between governance and management and we spent time this week thinking about how to balance the two within the Chenmark portfolio.

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Optimists Die

In the current environment, it can be difficult to know what tone to strike with our team.  It’s tempting to focus only on the multitude of COVID-19 related issues impacting our workforce, clients, and economy as a whole.  However, a constant stream of negativity isn’t exactly the best for morale.  That said, if we skim over the severity of our conditions, we are not preparing our team for the challenges we will need to face together.

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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Lately, we are feeling our attention is scattered. With all that’s going on in the world combined with extra communication between multiple email accounts, numerous Slack channels, group text messages, FaceTimes, Zoom meetings, and phone calls,

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