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Play The Long Game

How to be the best version of ourselves

We have had a really busy New Year.  A lot of travel.  A lot of meetings.  A lot of emails.  A lot of late nights and early mornings.  We have had a few red-eyes, and not the fancy type where you snuggle into a lie-flat bed.  The back of the bus type.  From a Chenmark perspective, we are working on a lot of exciting things, and it’s all been good stuff. 

On the flip side, we have been off-kilter on the health side of things.  For the past month, we have had a running assortment of chronic coughs, congestion, fevers, and stomach bugs.  Our Garmin reminds us daily that we are “detraining.”  We are not a picture of health and wellness. 

One of our core values is to Play the Long Game.  For us, this means: We don’t make investments, we make commitments. We think in decades, not years. We believe in the power of compounding and know that small, incremental improvements – done every day – will create lasting success. We believe that, in the long run, relationships matter, and we know that we can’t effectively take care of our companies if we don’t first take care of ourselves and our families.

Clearly, our lifestyle habits of the last two months have not been in the spirit of playing the long game.  The reality is that if we’re sick, we can’t be the best version of ourselves for Chenmark.  But we also recognize that there will occasionally be, metaphorically speaking, cold, dark nights where we need to suck it up.  As Chenmark grows, one of our biggest challenges may be finding the balance between taking advantage of opportunity while guarding against an unsustainable lifestyle. 

That’s a challenge we can accept… after a couple nights rest. 

Have a great week,

Your Chenmark Team

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