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BTSB: Owen McCarthy of MedRhythms

Below are some excerpts from our conversation with Owen McCarthy, Co-founder and President of MedRhythms, a Maine-based digital therapeutics company that uses music to help drive clinical outcomes for people following neuro injury or disease.  The idea for the company was born when Owen's co-founder Brian utilized auditory techniques as a clinician at Spaulding Rehab to help people recover from walking deficits twice as fast as traditional physical therapy.  Now, MedRhythms is working towards FDA approval so they can reach patients across the globe.  Owen talks about what its like to lead a start-up where failing fast and failing cheap is not an option

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BTSB: Paul Stringer of DHM Landscaping

Below are some excerpts from our conversation with Paul Stringer, owner of DHM Landscaping, a commercial maintenance landscaping company in Phoenix, Arizona.  Paul purchased DHM almost three years ago with the idea of putting his tech and marketing experience to work in a company of his own.  His focus on delighting the customer with technology and service far above what is considered normal in the industry has propelled DHM to grow upwards of 45% per year.  Paul admits those rates are unsustainable longer term but remains committed to investing in his team and in technology to stay ahead of the competition. You can

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BTSB: James Morin of Flowfold

Below are some excerpts from our conversation with James Morin, co-owner and COO of Flowfold, an outdoor company that makes minimalist gear for everyday adventures.  James admits to initially selling wallets for beer money for almost five years while he and his partners prototyped their designs and raised some seed money, before going full time three years ago.  Since that time, they have been near doubling sales annually, thanks in part to collaborations with companies like LL Bean and entering international markets as far away as Japan.  Now, with revenues in the low 7-figures, James and his co-owners have their sights set

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BTSB: Jeff Small of Strategic Media

Below are some excerpts from our conversation with Jeff Small, founder of Strategic Media, a radio advertising company based in Maine that has a client list featuring the likes of Vistaprint, FanDuel, and eharmony.  Jeff has built the company around a core competency in traditional radio and his company has doubled over the last five years thanks to that focus.  Now, Jeff is looking out to 2025 with two goals in mind: to build expertise and business in the exponentially growing podcast sector and to donate $1 million dollars to local charities–the combination of which give Jeff and his team both purpose and drive.

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BTSB: Phil Coupe of ReVision Energy

Below are some excerpts from our conversation with Phil Coupe, co-founder of ReVision Energy, a full-service renewable energy contracting company in Maine that is ranked #1 in New England for rooftop solar.  Started in 2003 by two guys in a garage, Phil and his partners have grown ReVision to a 250-employee company spanning five locations in three states.  In 2017, Revision sold itself to its employees via an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) so we dive deep into this program, the founders’ reasons for pursuing it, and why they think it will set the company up for the next 100 years. You can

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BTSB: Peter Handy of Bristol Seafood

Below are some excerpts from our conversation with Peter Handy, CEO of Bristol Seafood, a seafood processing and distribution company.  Originally a research analyst on Wall Street, Peter bought Bristol four years ago and spent the first two learning the business under the previous owner before taking over as CEO in 2016.  Since then, Peter has focused on adding talent to the organization and putting in processes that will allow the company to “go fast.”  Peter is on a mission to make seafood America’s favorite protein and he shares what the past four years have been like as a 32 year-old CEO of a small seafood

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