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Weekly Thoughts: You Have An MBA? You’re Hired!

Here is something that caught our eye this week: You Have An MBA? You're Hired! The (weak) link between CEO pedigree and performance   It doesn’t take an MBA to understand that the people who do the hard work, every day, of running our companies are by far the most important people on our team.  Thus far, we have worked with three models in terms of finding leadership post close: 1) previous owner/operator stays on, 2) promote internally and 3) source an external operator. One of the challenges of the third option is that it is incredibly difficult to have the perfect operator

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Weekly Thoughts: CEOs

Here is something that caught our eye this week: CEOs This week, we stumbled across the work of Adam Bryant, author of The New York Times Corner Office column, in which he interviews CEOs of various companies about leadership and management. In October, Bryant published his final column, “How to Be a C.E.O.,” which reflected upon his findings from 525 interviews over the course of almost 10 years. In the article, Bryant identifies a couple of recurring themes, notably that CEOs universally love a challenge and tend to have “applied curiosity,” which means they always want to know how things

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