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Weekly Thoughts: Geographic Happiness

Here is something that caught our eye this week: Geographic Happiness How you define happiness depends on where you live    The Chenmark team has had the opportunity to live in multiple places across the globe, the most recent of which is our homebase in Portland, Maine.  Each stop along the way has presented an opportunity for growth, and molded our life perspectives accordingly.  Furthermore, these experiences have been increasingly liberating, as they allow us to observe social and cultural interactions at arms-length, backed by the knowledge that “things” are not necessarily done a certain way everywhere. For instance, on the

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Weekly Thoughts: Hamburgers, Frisbees, and Happiness

Here is something that caught our eye this week: Hamburgers, Frisbees, and Happiness We recently learned about a 'Happiness Course' offered at Yale University.  Started by professor of psychology Laurie Santos and technically called “Psychology and the Good Life,” the twice-weekly lecture series has received widespread press because of its incredible popularity: 1,200 students have enrolled, making it the largest class in Yale’s 317-year history by a wide margin.  A free version of the Happy Class on Coursera saw participation from more than 91,000 people spanning 168 countries within two months of its launch. Obviously, this has struck a chord. The course covers research on the field

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