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Weekly Thoughts: Overdue and Over Budget

Here is something that caught our eye this week: Overdue and Over Budget As our landscaping entities do some project work, we have become more familiar with the construction industry.  For us, one the biggest challenges working in this space is a lack of clarity surrounding when our phase of work will begin, which typically is the very last stage of a broad-scale construction project.  One can imagine how difficult it can be to plan and budget for a multi-million dollar landscape project that should start…sometime this summer.  Or maybe the fall.  Or maybe next year if construction is really delayed

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Weekly Thoughts: Sexy And We Know It

Here is something that caught our eye this week: Sexy And We Know It In our early professional days in New York City, we had a limited budget which translated into an even more limited wardrobe.  We recall the stress of trying to track down clothes that would be suitable (pun intended) for an incoming analyst at a fancy mid-town Manhattan finance firm without blowing through the next month’s rent.  As our lives evolved and we developed more confidence in ourselves (and accepted our inherent lack of fashion sense), we have maintained a healthy respect for accessibility to high-quality clothing at

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