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First Follower

When we started Chenmark, many thought we were a "lone nut" by quitting lucrative Wall Street jobs to "become landscapers in Maine". As we have built out our company over the last five years, however, we have been lucky enough to attract a couple of first followers.  These are the core team members who believe enough in what we are doing that they are willing to do something a bit different and join us in our pursuit of becoming the acquirer of choice for North American small businesses.

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Pitbulls vs. Cocker Spaniels

At the moment, our firm does not have any third party equity investors. We've taken that tact deliberately, as we have opted for a relatively slower pace of growth than we might otherwise achieve if we used external capital to fund deal activity.

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Weekly Thoughts: Parent Leaders

Here is something that caught our eye this week: Parent Leaders Turns out, parenting and leadership have a lot in common     We often joke that parenting a toddler serves as best-in-class management training: If you can find common ground with a tiny, yet irrational and highly emotional human being, you can probably work with pretty much anybody. Our impressions were confirmed this week when our team went through a training seminar and “becoming good parents” was highlighted as a key component of a healthy leadership team. Our instructor cited Thomas Gordon’s iconic Parent Effectiveness Training program, and highlighted that a good leader must heed three

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