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Weekly Thoughts: Successories

Here is something that caught our eye this week: Successories DARE TO SOAR: Your Attitude Almost Always Determines Your Altitude In Life. Like some other children of the 90’s, certain members of the Chenmark team grew up in bedrooms adorned with motivational quotes similar to the above, which were always paired with pictures of things like eagles soaring, majestic waterfalls, or rowers on a river at sunrise.  We are always interested in learning the business stories behind seemingly innocuous daily items, and motivational posters are no exception. As such, this week we spent some time learning about Mac Anderson, and his business, Successories.

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Weekly Thoughts: Get Low

Here is something that caught our eye this week: Get Low There have been many articles in the news recently covering the implications of historically low unemployment rates, which are nationally projected to fall below 4% this summer.  Since one popular Bloomberg article showcased the impact of low unemployment in our hometown, Portland, Maine, we thought it appropriate to reflect on the situation at hand.  To provide some context, Portland has a population of roughly 67,000 and an unemployment rate of 1.8%, while Maine as a whole has an unemployment rate of 2.9%, the lowest since 1976.  Shawty got low, indeed. On the surface, everybody seems to love

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