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Weekly Thoughts: Sharing is… Caring?

Here is something that caught our eye this week: Sharing Is... Caring? Recently we put together a "Year in Review" of our business operations to share with various stakeholders.  We found reflecting on the performance of our company and establishing goals for the year ahead productive, but we did have internal debates regarding how much information to share in such a document.  Should we report only aggregated data or provide data for each company?  Do we consolidate financial information or show the entire chart of accounts?  In other words, where is the line between trust-inducing transparency and data overload? After spending some

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Weekly Thoughts: Chart or Table?

Here is something that caught our eye this week: Chart or Table? Recently, we have been working on improving our reporting both at the individual company level as well as across the portfolio. As with any reporting initiative, the key objective of our work is to facilitate a repeatable aggregation of an increasing amount of raw data, the analytics of which allows management to obtain key insights into the health of the operations, thereby enabling informed business decisions. As one would expect, this initiative involves focused discussions on what data should be presented, in what format, and at what frequency.

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