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This American Life

This week, we listened to a Start Up podcast, where host Alex Blumberg interviewed his ex-boss and host of NPR’s This American Life, Ira Glass. For those unfamiliar, This American Life is a weekly hour-long radio program featuring human interest short stories and essays.

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The Power of Broke

Given the widespread disruption to the global economy , it's clear that regardless of the shape of an eventual recovery ("V", "U", or the dreaded "L"), we are in, and will continue to be in, a difficult operating environment for some period of time.

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Just Keep Walking

[Our walks are] an extremely productive way to ponder a problem, reflect upon large amounts of information, or discuss a sensitive topic with a friend. As unabashed walk enthusiasts, we often think of the activity not as an athletic endeavor but rather something that is essential to our mental well-being.

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Business Fitness

It’s no secret that our team is into Crossfit. Of course, we have been into various types of athletic endeavors our entire lives, so functional fitness is not exactly a deviation from the norm. Until recently, we thought the main benefit of the program was a great workout in a community setting.

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Working the Problem

Over the last few weeks, we have seen our fair share of COVID 19 related updates.  Some are relevant (i.e., local healthcare provider’s virus testing protocol), others less so (i.e., Eddie Bauer is here for us in this troubling time...). 

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