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The Day Before Season

Here is something that caught our eye this week:

An internal email from a Chenmark CEO who likes to wax poetic

Last Monday was the “season start” for our lawn care business. The company’s CEO, who writes a weekly in-season email to his team, spiced things up with a poem written to the syntax of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.  We thought we’d share this as an example of how we take our work seriously but don’t take ourselves seriously (and know how to have a bit of fun). Enjoy:

‘Twas the day before Season, when all through the land
Not a property had been serviced, not even a turf stand.
All the TufCos are calibrated by the BMs with care
In hopes that Technicians soon would be there.

Service Managers are ready for the first morning meeting,
Envisioning perfection during our first customer greeting.
The Transits are wrapped and outfitted in full
Ready for lawn, tick, and veg work by the handful.

Round 1 product is stocked, stacked in pallets by two
For the inaugural application of a product brand-new.
The Account Managers have been busy, the e-mails are flying!
But life could be worse when new customers are buying!

The routing team is set, having pulled our first batch,
It will be a while before we see Summer Patch.
Pre-emergents will go down, and tick barriers up
While we wait for landscapers to finish their clean up.

Green School has helped us be the most educated team;
Working with Mainely Grass will be like a dream!
Customers will be ecstatic, happy faces they will click,
Because their lawns will be so incredibly thick!

Outdoor spaces to the fullest, they will enjoy
While we take pride in the competition we destroy!
The off-season is over, the preparations have been made,
We are ready for our best season in a decade!

Will you join me in taking care of the little things,
To see how much success this season brings?
Now Andrew! Now Jonny! Now Ryan and Bill!
On Daryn! On Jerry! On Dwayne and Mel!

From the north of Maine to the dunes of the Cape
Our training and education are about to take shape!
No pump up poem’s complete without a swear, just for fun;
LET’S F***ING GO, squad, tomorrow’s day one!

Have a great week,

Your Chenmark Team

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